Marcel Wanders – FIAM – 2020 
Associate Creative Director

The idea behind these cabinets was to design a surface that would physically extend out to people. The relief surface gives the piece depth and meaning. With repeating patterns of very different shapes in glass on all sides, the beauty endures from every angle.

Glass. A material invisible to the eye until it catches the light. Frozen in time, yet full of life. ECHO by Marcel Wanders studio captures the magic of glass in a collection of cabinets dressed in mystery and adorned with captivating surfaces. Repeated geometric patterns create a three-dimensional spectacle by virtue of new glass modelling techniques that celebrate craftmanship. Hugged by a clean yet elegant structure, the relief steals the limelight to speak and reflect like an echo.

ECHO breathes new life and light into a classic and adds a sense of illusion. Cabinets that are visually clear yet opaque. Showing, but not revealing everything. It hints and seduces. Equipped with a special lighting system, ECHO sets the scene – lighting up any room as a theatre. It’s a jewel for the house, and an enjoyment for the eye and heart.

My role in this project was to facilitate the work of my amazing team of designers supporting when needed on tech issues, communications and pushing the creative ideas of the designers from concept to reality.