Gentleman collection

Marcel Wanders – Poliform – 2019/20 
Associate Creative Director

The Gentleman Collection introduces a rather different style of sofa and chair to the Poliform collection. Designed for luxurious support, each of the pieces in the collection is designed with an upright, straight high back that supports correct posture when seated. Having taken the human form and its position at rest into consideration, this furniture is an inspired step forward toward healthier, ergonomic relaxation. A distinguishing element within this collection are legs that elevate the contoured seating of the completely upholstered surface. Available in the traditional Poliform textile and colour range, these pieces are designed specifically for only the most sophisticated interior spaces, and are presented as an ensemble of elegance that creates a living environment all by itself. 

With the latest extension (2020), the style and comfort from the collection is taken from day to night, into the bedroom. Adding a bed, night table and chest of drawers to the family and creating an intimate sleeping haven for the wildest dreams to come true. Following the original design, the bed embodies the high backrest of the Gentleman armchairs with its tall and curved headboard that grows open and protects when asleep. Inspired by a gentleman’s posture, the bed stands on a refined foot that seems to touch the floor with just a tip. It is the same foot that supports the night table and chest of drawers. A set with a timeless appeal – made from beautiful materials and shaped with soft lines, adding tailored elegance to the area.

My role in this project was to facilitate the work of my amazing team of designers supporting when needed on tech issues, communications and pushing the creative ideas of the designers from concept to reality.