ceramic passive amplifier

en&is – 2011

Megaphone is a passive amplifier for iPhone.
The idea arose from a reflexion on the use of technology use, which is an indispensable element on every object surrounding us today.
Nowadays, technology is everywhere: energy is used to produce devices, to make them work, to dismiss them.
With Megaphone we meant to create a completely low tech product, which aims at making people reflect upon the importance of things and the potential value of everything that surrounds us. On the other side, in clear contrast, the technological device par excellence: the mobile phone, which is widely used and which has even become a status symbol, as in the case of iPhone.
The materials we have chosen are natural, eco friendly and have always been a part of our environment. They belong to human culture in a much closer way than plastic and electronics do. We are not used anymore to the magic of nature, to the magic of simple things.

Designed under the en&is brand, with Isabella Lovero